Accessibility – Thing 6

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This revealing topic really got me thinking. Thinking about how grateful we should be for our physical and mental health.

Health can not be seen as a matter of course – in my eyes it is the most valuable gift, which we really should appreciate.

In our daily surrounding inclusion is in progress, but how is this in the world wide web? When creating a website it always has to be considered that there might be people using the site having certain disabilities. Therefor any obstacles or barriers should be reduced to a minimum in order to facilitate an easy accessible use.


Colorblind, deaf, hyperactive, memory losing people or people with down syndrome should have the opportunity to use the web in the same way as healthy ones. There are some simple methods and features which can make your website accessible for everyone equally.

Take care & be aware!

Diversity – Thing 5

“If somebody is different from you, that’s not something you criticize, that’s something that you appreciate.” – Barack Obama


Hello everyone,

today I’ve read many different articles about diversity and finally I came to a personal result which can be summarized and compared with the above quote of Barack Obama.

In my eyes, diversity is something that enriches our society, our work places and our own human beings in multitude scopes. We can grow and gain from other perspectives, talents, experiences, skills, etc. – no matter to what ethnicity, gender or religion someone belongs.

In terms of diversity also new features of apps have been invented and adopted. A well-known example here for are Snapchat’s Bitmojis. With a certain tool you can create your own digital appearance, that fits your real look best. For the creation many characteristics – such as skin & hair color, face shape, eye color, style, hair cut – can be modulated suitable to reality. Through this feature, the exclusion of certain nationalities, races or groups is circumvented in a nice way – I like!


Since I didn’t have a Bitmoji yet, I created mine (picture above) while dealing with this topic.

Have you already created your own one?

I wish you a great & colorful day!

Digital Security – Thing 4

Hello and welcome back to my Infinite Learning Blog!

Have you ever checked the permissions list of all the applications on your smartphone?

If not, I would recommend you to better do so! This is actually the first step one can take when thinking about digital security & safety and caring about personal data. Checking these permissions costs you nothing more than 2 minutes of your time and secures your data in return.


Every day we are using our smartphones for a large variety of features such as communicating through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc., checking the weather, doing online shopping & banking, taking pictures and many more. Consequently, we install quite a few apps on our phones, accepting all permissions the developers ask for. But here we should be careful – some apps require the use of camera, microphone, contacts, location and other information that are simply irrelevant for the functions of this particular application. In this case it is useful to check evaluations and ratings of the app and maybe better choose another one.

Of course, also the security on other technical devices should be ensured for example by installing an anti-virus software on the laptop. Basically this is nothing else than taking care of our wallet.

In this spirit: stay safe & secure!

Digital Footprint – Thing 3

Hello everyone,

today I started doing research on the 3rd out of the “23Things” which regards the Digital Footprint.


The Digital Footprint basically includes all the information we leave behind when doing things online. As the use of social media platforms gets more and more common in today’s connected world, this topic gains importance increasingly.

In my eyes it is indispensable to overthink what can be found on the internet about ourselves. Are the “friends” on Facebook really the people I want to share my personal experiences and photos with? Who can see my stories on Snapchat or Instagram? Are there certain tweets on Twitter that can be misunderstood regarding a political topic?

Social Media

If you think about these questions critically and keep your profiles updated, I am sure you will be able to show the digital image you want other people (and maybe future employers) to see.

Btw: Have you ever googled yourself? – That’s probably the most simple and obvious way to check your digital footprint at least roughly.

Take care & be aware!

Hello World!

“Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing.” – Steve Jobs

True to this motto I warmly welcome YOU to my Infinite Learning blog!

Throughout our entire life we daily learn and explore the most diverse things.
By sharing our experiences and acquired knowledge among people we can expand each others horizons – isn’t that simply brilliant?

In the context of my study program Business Administration and International Business¬† I am going to explore “23 Things” regarding the digitization trend within the next few weeks. Therefore I invite you to join me! During my journey through various digital tools I will share the most important facts with you that might be helpful for daily usage, as well as in business context.

Let’s start!